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Nissan Figaro - wax treatment

About Figarocars

Figarocars originated from our passion for special cars, classics and young-timers. We have been active in the automotive industry for more than 30 years. In sales as well as repair, maintenance and restoration. We are particularly enthusiastic about this beautifully designed car. Since 2009 we have continued to specialize further in the Nissan Figaro and nowadays, with a team of six people, we are involved in maintaining the Figaro population.

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Years of experience

It was love at first sight, when we saw the Figaro ‘live’ for the first time in 2009. We started specializing in this fun car. With this our already existing technical knowledge of youngtimers and classic cars came in handy. Therefore, we are the oldest/first Nissan Figaro specialist of the European mainland. To this day we remain especially enthusiastic about the engineering, the appearance and completeness of this special little car. Over the years we have specialized further and further in the Figaro which has resulted in the maintenance and/or delivery of hundreds of Nissan Figaro’s.

There are not many Nissan Figaro specialists in Europe. We may call ourselves Figaro specialists because we have knowledge and experience of the Figaro in all areas. In addition to sales and maintenance, we can inform you in various ways about the Nissan Figaro. It is also good to know that we can supply almost all parts for the Figaro

Figaro Nazomer tour 2019

Regarding the maintenance and repair we can be brief: often we can repair and assemble for prices that are equal or even below the prices of a modern mid-range car. Usually the maintenance is much cheaper compared to that of a modern car because the engineering is a bit simpler (this costs less labour). In addition, Nissan’s technology is known for being excellent and solid. We have several Figaro’s in stock for you to choose from, but we can also supply a Figaro that is made entirely to your liking. The lines of communication are short because of our long experience in the international automotive industry. We also import directly from Japan where the quality of the car (after all, it is almost 30 years old) is generally the best.

Of course, you are always welcome at our company to come and test the fine driving characteristics of the Figaro! Please make sure you contact us in advance. For this we refer you to our contact page.