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Purchase Advice

If you are planning to buy a Nissan Figaro, it is nice to know the weak points of a Figaro. On this page you will find important information and common problems.

We would like to help you get started. It is important that you try to assess the car as objectively as possible. Let yourself be influenced as little as possible by the charm and cuddliness of this fun little car. If you have any doubts please feel free to contact us, we will gladly inform you so that you do not risk buying a ‘pig in a poke’.

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of the Figaro, the number of selling parties who want to get in on the action has also increased. These parties are not always as particular about the quality of the supplied Figaro and regularly offer lesser quality Figaro’s. Also, often Figaro’s are offered which are supposed to be from a private individual, but often these are still “Freetime traders” who are very skilled at the cosmetic tricks and have little eye for any technical problems for the new owner. Always remember that it is an old car, that, despite its beautiful exterior, can have many hidden defects. Things will not be made easy for you. Due to very large differences in quality, there are also very large differences in prices worldwide. Be especially careful with Figaro’s on offer on the internet that you yourself (or an expert) have not inspected.

We are happy to assist you in your search or give you advice without any obligation. Always remember that it is an almost 30-year-old car! If you have found a Nissan Figaro yourself, we can collect it at your request with our own means of transport or assess it on the spot. For more information, please contact us.

Known issues

Known issues Steering rack leakage, engine oil leakage, coolant leaks and bad radiator

The Nissan Figaro is very sensitive to the problem of an overheating engine. You should check, when the engine has been running for some time, if the temperature gauge remains stable. There are several things that result in the Figaro’s head gasket breaking. The most common things are:

  • The radiator of the Nissan Figaro is usually quite old and sometimes even original. The cooling fins of these copper radiators often clog up so that there is no longer optimal cooling and the pressure system increases. When this happens the circulation of the coolant is no longer optimal, and this is bad for your Figaro.
  • The engine thermostat might no longer function properly.
  • The hoses are often old and need to be replaced preventively. When they puff out or make a crackling noise when squeezed you need to replace them. Due to the age of the Figaro it is often very important to replace all cooling hoses.
  • Fluctuations of the temperature gauge in the car indicate poor cooling of the engine, which could eventually cause the head gasket to break down. Pay attention to leaks of coolant from hoses and the underside of the radiator. Coolant is often blue or pink in colour and smells and tastes (if you dare) sour.

Engine running irregularly

The engine hesitating, skipping while you drive, and irregular idling is a regular occurrence with the Nissan Figaro. We are familiar with these problems and they can often be solved by us without any high costs.

Rust issues

These are usually costly repairs. Common rust problems occur on the rear screens and wheel arch edges, bumpers, box girders, bottom doors and the drainage channels in the bottom plate. Take the trouble to lie down beneath the Figaro and look at the bottom of the doors, box girders and at the bottom between the rear bumper and the wheel housing where the plastic nozzles leave the bottom.

Another major problem is recurring rust in the wheel arch edges at the rear. Often the Figaro looks nice when you see it before purchase. Sometimes the car is completely repainted, or the rear screens have been sprayed. Often filling primer is applied to them and they are repainted, and the car looks neat for some time. Please note that if this repair is not carried out properly and professionally, rust will appear on the rear screens after a short time. Handling these rust issues properly takes a lot of time and is therefore costly. Here too it is important; if you are in doubt, please contact someone who can assess this correctly.

Interior issues

We can advise you if you have a ‘sticky’ interior. This concerns the plastic parts around the open roof. You can often solve this yourself. There are also good solutions for unsightly or worn chairs. Sometimes it is enough to refurbish the chairs, so they look neat again for a longer period. We can also replace parts of the seats or the complete seats for you and beautifully cover them with new Italian leather in the original form. Again, often new chairs are sold that unfortunately are not stitched in the original way or are made with lesser quality leather while these are often not much cheaper.

Roof and rear window frame

The roofs shrink due to weather influences and old age. Also, the vinyl around the rear window is often ugly or – even worse – there are bumps on it that indicate rust under the vinyl. Push the bumps once; you often already feel whether it gives way and if there are holes under the vinyl. We have a lot of experience with this and know that you must tackle the rust underneath this vinyl so that the frame does not completely come apart by rust.


There is often international advertising for cars with mileages that certainly raises questions. Of course, there are not that many Nissan Figaro’s that have only driven 70.000 KM in all those years. But often enough Nissan Figaro’s with low mileage are advertised. In many cases you can assume that those numbers are incorrect. A Nissan Figaro with a mileage of around 70.000 KM and in a good condition costs 12,000 – 16,000 euros. So, if you see a “bargain” for 6,000 – 7,000 euro’s, think twice!

The mileage of a Nissan Figaro, however, is not the most important thing. Because it is a technically good car, if the car demonstrably received regular maintenance, a mileage of 120,000 – 180,000 will still not pose a problem with purchase. Provided you have the knowledge to assess the technical condition.

Of course, there are many more things that are important if you want to buy a Nissan Figaro. Please note that the issues mentioned above determine the price of the Nissan Figaro. Partly because some of these repairs can be quite costly. But since not everyone has the required technical know how, you can always rely on our expertise if you have any doubts. We are happy to advise you or go and inspect a Nissan Figaro for you if you have found one elsewhere that has aroused your interest (also abroad or through our contacts in for instance the UK and Japan). A call or an e-mail is enough.

Because we are also lovers of this beautiful car!