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Repair and Maintenance

Like all cars, a Nissan Figaro must be maintained. The big advantage of a Figaro is good and solid engineering. But in the end, it all comes down to the maintenance provided to the car by the owner.

Figaro Maintenance

We are a garage company with over 30 years of experience in automotive engineering. Due to our specialization in the Nissan Figaro we have all the know-how to properly maintain your Nissan Figaro. You can come to us for everything from maintenance service to the overhaul of engines, MOT inspections (periodic inspections), damage and roof repair. We have almost all parts in stock or can get them for you quickly so that we can provide you with optimal service.

Mostly, there will be few major problems if you adhere to a regular maintenance schedule. For example, every 7,500 km take the car in for a minor service and every 15.000 km for a major service. If you don’t drive many miles with the Figaro, it is advisable to carry out a major service once a year.

In addition, the MOT / periodic inspection is free if you get it done at the same time as the major service. The major service is not only important to keep your Figaro in good condition. Replacing the wearing parts and checking almost all-important matters of the car, works preventively. This way we avoid things that could cause problems later.

During a major service, we look at former maintenance. Sometimes it is not necessary to replace all parts if they have been recently replaced. The timing belt (set) is very important to be replaced on time. A partial engine overhaul is required if this belt breaks. So, we recommend replacing the belt every 80,000 km or at least every 5 years (i.e. dehydration).

Another common problem with the Nissan Figaro is wheelhouse leakage. We can usually partially overhaul your wheelhouse without having to disassemble it completely. We then replace the wearing parts that usually cause the leakage problem. As a result, we can save costs and carry out the repairs in one working day by appointment. In very exceptional cases this is not enough, and the entire wheelhouse must be dismantled and overhauled. Of course, we have parts in stock. Obviously, we only work with original and first assembly quality parts and fluids.

For prices and advice, it is best to contact us by phone or e-mail. We also have a pick-up and delivery service, so we can pick the Figaro up by appointment and bring it back home after repairs. This also applies if you live abroad.

Parts and Quality

As a Nissan Figaro specialist, we naturally have many parts in stock. Especially the regular parts needed for proper maintenance such as brake pads, shock absorbers, spark plugs, air filters, oil filters, distribution sets, water pumps. In addition, we have parts in stock that are very frequently used. You will also find parts for the Figaro that you cannot find elsewhere because they are produced by us ourselves. So, if you need to find parts quickly, please contact us. We will try to help you immediately.

Besides Nissan we have our own import channels for parts and various other suppliers from Japan. That is why we can also supply parts that are difficult to obtain, such as bumpers, grills, roof parts, dashboard parts, sheet metal, lights, rear window frames and small parts such as mounting clips.

For most maintenance products, you have the choice between 2 different qualities. Here you can read what the differences are. Most companies often offer you the budget components to be competitive, but we recommend the first assembly quality. This often does not make much difference in the overall costs.

In our web shop you will also find everything related to the Nissan Figaro. Think of used parts, accessories and gadgets. Look around, you can easily and safely buy in the web shop. We ship worldwide, including to the United States. Usually we can deliver parts from stock within 2-5 working days. If the part must come from Japan, it can often be done within 10 working days. If the item you are looking for is not in the web shop, please contact us. In many cases we can still deliver or advise you.

First assembly quality

This is the quality of parts are also used by the dealer and manufacturer.

Budget parts

These are good replacement parts but not of the same quality to first assembly parts.