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In addition to restoring and delivering a Figaro to your liking, you can of course also contact us for all other matters relating to your Figaro. Below you will find an overview of all possibilities.

A customized Figaro

Of course, you can purchase a Figaro in different ways. Usually you are restricted to what is on offer at the time and it may therefore be that you will have to make concessions in what you had previously devised. The chairs are not as nice as you would have liked, or there are a few dents or spots of rust on the car, but, yes, that is to be expected with its age. Or it might be in good condition but not in the desired colour.

To avoid having to settle for these age-related beauty flaws, we can always provide you with a customized Figaro. This means that we have all that is needed to deliver a Figaro to you entirely to your wishes. Therefore, our approach is a bit different. We can best explain this to you in a personal interview

Customization does not necessarily mean a more expensive Figaro, this depends on your wishes. But in any case, a superior Figaro that is perfect for the coming years and well protected against the elements. We have a range of possibilities so that we can deliver a Figaro to you in an extraordinary condition. But we can also find a Figaro for you that matches your financial wishes and possibilities.

You may wonder whether this process takes a very long time. Of course, in the case of a custom Figaro, you cannot take it home with you immediately. In most cases we can, depending on your wishes, deliver a customized Figaro within 4 to 12 weeks. It is also possible that we already have the perfect Figaro for you in stock and then the delivery time is of course much shorter.

The advantage of a Nissan Figaro supplied by us is that we do everything in-house. From our own fabricated roofs and complete interiors up to and including the complete restoration of the Figaro. Everything is possible and our work comes with a guarantee.

The best way for us explain and show this is for you to come and visit our company. You are also very welcome if you already own a Figaro and want to have it treated, refurbished, protected against rust or have it completely restored.

Our Expertise

We have been providing Nissan Figaro maintenance and MOT (periodic inspection) for almost 10 years and know the Figaro inside out to a degree that cannot be matched by other garages. As a result, we can often work faster and know how to recognize faults well. This means you will have to pay for less labour. We also have many parts in stock, and we can carry out repairs immediately.

Here too, work experience is knowledge. We have more than 30 years’ experience with car damage and restoration. This combined with more than 20 years of experience in car body finishing- of which the last 10 years have been fully linked with the Nissan Figaro – provides a solid basis, we are therefore very proud of the work experience and the craftsmanship of our employees and can therefore deliver affordable craftsmanship.

But how does such a beautiful Figaro drive and what is its overall condition? These are, of course, important questions. In this area too, we have extensive experience with our own workshop, our own mechanics and an engine overhaul department. Did you know that we are the only company worldwide that has the original size pistons in stock for the Figaro engine? In addition, we have seen most problems before. So, there is almost always a quick and good solution. This also applies to regular maintenance. The Nissan Figaro is, if properly maintained, an excellent technical car.

Because of our experience with hundreds of Figaro’s we know there often is, or will be, a big problem: RUST. The Figaro does not have good rust protection and is unfortunately built with poor quality steel from that time period. So proper protection is certainly of great importance in our climate. Over the last nine years, we have been developing our knowledge of rust protection and have been using double protection in recent years, with the so called “Mike Sanders” protection producing the best results. We are happy to tell you more about this.

The Figaro’s charm is found for a very large part on the inside of the Figaro. With its beautiful large leather seats, the special dashboard and the beautiful classic lines, the entire interior is an eye-catcher. Due to its age it is possible that wear is visible or that the plastic parts have become sticky. We know exactly what to do to get your interior back in top condition.

Proper registration is important. In the early years, when a Nissan Figaro was registered, this did not go well in most import countries. Nowadays, this is almost always done properly. The requirements per country are also quite different. We have a lot of experience with registering the Figaro. We take care of all the necessities for our customers and handle the entire process. Not only in the Netherlands but also in other countries, so foreign customer can also rely on us. Al documents (worldwide) can be provided by us. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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